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to get your biz money organized and stop wasting money on taxes you don't owe  

here's the thing...

it's time


it's time

Uniquely focused strategy to get you out of the data and into the decisions. 

I get it - you're trying to scale your business to consistent 5 figure months and you've been needing to get your business finances together, but you really have no clue because it's not your zone of genius.

We should work together if....

You're killing it in your business and doing all the things EXCEPT getting your biz finances together because you need some help.

You're just getting started with a few clients and have no clue what's happening with the money you're finally making

You're ready to pay yourself and scale to consistent 5 figure months

You know you could be paying less money in taxes, you just don't know what you don't know

You want to understand what to drill down to for the most important details on your monthly financial reports

You are READY and able to make the investment necessary to save more money and crush your financial goals

You need to know your profits to make smart business decisions, but you know you don't need to do it yourself

We should not work together if....

You have an LLC, but you have no interest in separating your personal & business finances


You want to continue relying on your excel spreadsheet or accounting software to tell you how much is left to pay yourself

You plan to keep your business as a side hustle forever

You don't mind overlooking deductions because you just aren't sure how or if you could claim them

You're ok with winging it with planning and preparing your quarterly taxes leaving you with a surprise tax bill

You don't care about wasting your money on taxes you don't owe

You don't mind being frustrated and wasting your time on something you're not an expert at

You're full of excuses and ok with your business financials being in shambles

Women entrepreneurs come to me when they are struggling to get their business finances together. 

not sure where to start?

That's ok. I can help you with that.

Imagine if...

Your personal and business bank accounts were neat, clean, and orderly- no more co-mingling


You felt confident and worried less because you know your finances are organized and reconciled month to month and you were ready for tax season


You were in control of your tax bill and knew exactly how much to save for your taxes monthly

You knew when to save, when to invest in your business, and when to give yourself a raise

You could see your numbers with one click and know how to use them to make smart decisions in your business

You didn't have to worry about doing bookkeeping tasks every month or filing your own taxes 


what she said...


With Chauvon's help, with her help, I’ve been able to step away from the financial tasks that are not my strength and focus on the things that do are! I am not an accountant - nor do I want to be. She completely overhauled my business’s financial organization and got everything in order.

Jessica Germain


Here's what you'll get:

  • Tax Planning Session (1 per year)  $997 Value

  • LLC Tax Return Preparation & Tax Extensions $697 Value

  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments $497 Value

  • Quarterly Live Financial Snapshot $597 Value

  • 1099 Form Filings $97 Value each

  • Monthly Bookkeeping Services - up to 2 accounts & unlimited transactions $497 Value

  • Monthly 30-min check-in calls $1297 Value

  • Management Reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement $497 Value

  • Operational Support Partner $4597 Value

  • FREE Quickbooks $75/month Value

Questions about working with me?

Feel free to email me at

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