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Are you ready?

Let's take your
business finances from
shambles to structure.

Running a business is hard work! I understand the struggles of being a creative business owner, continuously caught between your passion for what you do, and the need to put profitability first.


 The world of accounting and finance is complex and constantly changing, so how can small business owners be expected to keep up?


Well, that’s where I come in.

Making money moves for your business based on guesses, gut instinct, or advice from your auntie's best friend who used to be an accountant is like playing a monopoly and getting doubles three times in a row during your turn:

You're probably headed straight to jail, without passing go or collecting $200.

In other words - it's dangerous + risky. Two words that don't go well with finances. 

Normalize money talk and take control of your finances.


You’re chasing big dreams and bringing something extraordinary to life, and it’s hard to find time to weigh up the numbers or calculate taxes.

You're trying to scale your business to consistent 5 figure months and you've been needing to get your business finances together, but you really have no clue because it's not your zone of genius

You understand what it means to make a business successful. It’s not all about that bottom line. It’s about the passion, dedication and resilience required to make a vision become reality. 

You're ready to establish a solid sense of direction, scale-up, and watch your profits soar — all while focusing on what you love about running your business. 

You don't need more tips, tricks, & spreadsheets
to get your business
finances organized. 

You need a system + strategy


Strategic financial partnership that meets you where you are and gets you where you want to go

Our Work Together

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First we get you caught up and organized so that we have some good clean data to work with. 


Then we get really clear about what's been happening in the business vs what you actually want to happen.


Finally we create a plan to maintain progress and actually acheive your goals. Want to pay yourself more? Want to hire a new team member? Anticipating a high tax bill?

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If you are currently:

Making consistent 4-figure months

You're making some consistent cash, even if it's just $5-$7k per month. You are quickly ramping up to your first $100,000k year and you have your offers in place to get there. You just need some help on the money side because it's just not your zone of genius and you are ready to outsource!

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Making consistent 5-figure months

Yasss, you are raking in the cash and have 7 figure goals in mind. You are ready to know exactly what to focus on every month to have a more profitable (and higher cash flowing) business. You need a custom tax strategy to be ready for Uncle Sam and you want to make sure you and your team members have an optimized salary. 


hey girl, hey


I partner with and empower women entrepreneurs to get clarity around their business money so that they can finally start consistently paying themselves, make informed financial decisions, and stop wasting money on taxes they don't owe.

As a woman working in the business sphere, I know it can be daunting. People underestimate us, but not for much longer. I’m setting out to change that. 

I help women entrepreneurs running creative businesses to harness the power of organization, financial management, and focused strategy, all with the aim of getting their goals in check. Whether you’re a creative, a coach, or a consultant, I’ve mastered my approach and I’m eager to make money work for you.

Unlike a regular accountant, I’m not just here to count up your numbers and leave you to it. I’m an all-around financial guide, here to help you assess, scale, and grow your business. 

With years of experience and advanced strategies in my locker, I make every step of the financial planning process easier for you. Leave the money management to me and get back to doing what you were born to do — leading your business to success.

I offer expert services, tailored to your exact challenges:

♦  Virtual CFO services
♦  Advanced tax planning
♦  Guided tax preparation
♦  Accounting (and so much more)


Let’s maximize your ideas and turn them into cash!


what she said...

Chauvon totally helped transform not just my biz finances, but my mindset about money. I'm more confident around tax time knowing that I have the right tax & accounting strategies in place specific to my business. 


Brittany Ford


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