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COMPANY: Maven Financials

STATUS: Part-Time (Contractor)

LOCATIONRemote/Work From Anywhere

Compensation is based on experience.

We’re hiring an Executive Assistant to provide Disney-level extraordinary customer service at every step of our client's journey.


You’re used to being the right-hand person to high-demand individuals who require responsiveness, immaculate execution, and extreme attention to detail. 

You work for an online business and/or understand the world of digital products, software, content platforms, product launches, etc. You may have experience working in the financial industry and understand the basics of how bookkeeping and/or taxes works.

You have the ability to: 

  • Prioritize tasks

  • Make quick decisions

  • Solve short term challenges quickly

  • Systematize everything 

Friends may call you OCD, life hacker, optimizer. 

You do NOT cut corners. When there’s a problem or bottleneck, you don’t whip out the bandaid; you find the source and eliminate the issue at the source.

You’re intuitive, fun, creative, whip-smart, and eager to learn. Your #1 priority is preserving my energy for items that are in alignment with my genius zone and that only I can do.

You can tell when I’m “off” and you inquire about it because you know that self-work makes the business work. You know mental, emotional, & spiritual health all affect performance, so you aim to help me maintain peace of mind. 

You, yourself, have an unshakeable calm, peace, and level-headedness, regardless of the attitudes of those around you or circumstances. 




I’m intentional about who works for my business + who I put into my life. Here’s what I’m looking for in this role:

  1. High energy - You bring that infinite, untouchable energy 

  2. Positive & Optimistic - You bring light & unconditional love for others. You know everyone is doing the best they can.

  3. Skilled communicator - You understand instructions the first time and clearly express yourself in person and over email

  4. Great sense of humor - You don’t take yourself or anyone too seriously. You lighten the mood & liven every room you walk into.

  5. Multi-faceted - You have all these hidden talents because you’ve done a wide range of responsibilities in the past and can figure out anything with the help of Google, YouTube, podcasts, & Audible.

  6. Independent thinker - You ask why. You don’t do things a certain way just because everyone else does it that way. You seek to understand why and make your own decisions.

  7. Discrete - You keep the private details of my life, our business, and our team private. You take confidentiality and discretion very seriously. 

  8. High Emotional IQ - You don't just understand emotions; you know your strengths and you know how to lean into them and use them to your full advantage while keeping your weaknesses from holding you back. You show authenticity and provide positive feedback where applicable.

  9. Productivity Tools Enthusiast - You have go-to tools that increase efficiency, and you’re always on the lookout for more. You can figure out a new tool or platform in a minute.

  10. Socially Savvy - You stay up on the latest social media trends and are constantly thinking of ways we can leverage those trends on our social platforms


In your role as Executive Assistant, you will work directly with me to ensure that our prospective and current clients are immensely supported and cared for. 

Specifically, you will own the following responsibilities: 

  • Manage our communications to ensure that we reach inbox “0” every single business day (This means that all inquiries receive a response in 1 business day or less). 

  • Resolve client inquiries, recommend solutions and guide our client's through features and functionalities of their client portal.

  • Provide support through the onboarding/offboarding process for clients.

  • Send recap emails to clients along with their financials after their meetings + provide status updates on ad hoc projects as necessary

  • Elevate The Fresh Tax Maven's social media presence through content scheduling + engagement



**DO NOT apply for this position if you…

❌Have no capacity to attend weekly/biweekly meetings.

❌Have less than 6 months experience as an Executive Assistant or comparable role.

❌Only want to be compensated on an hourly basis

❌Are only a "task doer." It's important that you're able to identify what needs to be done in addition to taking things off my plate so that I can stay in my zone of genius.



Maven Financials is a boutique virtual tax & accounting firm for the modern woman entrepreneur. We believe in transformation over transaction. We believe in results over credentials. We help our client's with all aspects of their business financial needs from bookkeeping, financial analysis, tax planning + tax preparation. 

Since opening our doors, we have served over 250 clients in the digital space. The work that we do supports our clients to make financial decisions from an empowered place.


We've experienced consistent, sustainable growth, earning multiple six figures over the past 2 years. Our goal for 2023 is to grow by 25% in revenue, by providing world class service to our clients and expanding our team to create capacity to serve more clients.

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